I always feel tempting to understand, where our techology is moving, I would use this blog to express my thaughts. Some people might feel it is sci-fi or just a fantassy, but I believe most of these imaginations are based on past technology trends and understanding of current research in progress.

What is going now

First thing I am picking is very common to every home, yes I am talking about television. HDTV is already taking a good shape and taking the picture quality to next level. Video on demand is also start replacing traditional broadcast and prime time entertainment concept. TV sets are getting thinner and thinner every year with lower cost, very soon big CRT and projection TV sets would be in history.

What would happen in future

Considering all this, I could imagine future in 15-20 year horizon would be more exciting than the changes we are seeing today. Interactive television would be common and scrolling news bar would be considered as bad as we consider popup in web bowser today. 3-D tv would start taking shape and start replacing cusrrent 2D picture we watch today in the same way as HDTV is replacing old TVs today. At that time you would stop watching the TV, instead you would sit with TV and holographic characters would be sitting in your living room interacting with you. At that point scientists would be working on improving the holographic picture quality. Flat screen would be thing of past and small projector would be creating all these 3-D images in front of us.