Few months ago I had written a blog here about future of television, where I was saying future television will be more than simple flat HD television. It was looking as a scifi scenario that we are wathing a real holographic images sitting in our living room. But it is really not sci-fi, we are seeing technology is taking place and pieces are slowly coming together to make this happen. Recently I did read a news on CNET (Image navigation, with a sci fi touch) follow the link (http://news.com.com/Image+navigation%2C+with+science+fictions+touch/2100-11398_3-6095679.html?tag=nefd.top) and do not forget to see little 2 minute video clip.
So we are going to see some real products coming out soon, which will be moving us to my final imagination where TV will be replaced with real entertainment room where we should be seeing holographic 3D images front of us and creating more real and natural interactive scenario.