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It was amazing when we first time saw the monochrome CRT displaying the series of alphabets on screen. Then we saw colors, higher response time with realistic video, and reached to true High definition quality in lowest price. Then display consistently shrinking in thickness with even better picture quality. CRTs were replaced by plasma screens and LCDs, which has flat natural surfaces, better life, and less power consumption. Later people wanted to interact with screens, so touch screens start coming in life. From the big screen 70″ television to tiny 3.5″ cellular phone display, all these are getting replaced with cool high resolution interactive LCD displays.

But we human still want more – Yeh Dil Maange more! People still subscribe to paper magazines and  news papers. I still like to read long document or article on paper, tablet is still not natural for me. But help is not too far, many of the flexible display, which were in prototype since long time are ready to take off. Samsung had develop the flexible display few yeas ago (http://www.technewsworld.com/rsstory/47553.html). Real A4 size electronic paper was on display last year (http://www.physorg.com/news98978507.html). This is really going to change the way we read books.

Sony already release first ultra-thin (3mm) OLED TV available to buy. Samsung is raising the bar to another level with another real ultra thin mobile phone in following video.

Overall we are entering in an exciting world. Our grand children will surprise by the fact that once upon a time 50% of people’s office desk was occupied by the bulky high power consuming CRT monitors. They were so heavy that it usually took two humans to carry it.