Many of us always feel inspire in engaging with various philanthropic activities in order to contribute for the society. I was also doing cash donation to several organizations since many years, but I was also thinking about doing more than giving few dollars of cash. I feel greater contribution from from highly educated people could be giving their own time and skills to the society; this contribution can definitely make a greater impact than passive monetary contribution.

I would like to share my own experience from of Gurukul, which is non-profit organization in Seattle dedicated to promote Indian culture an languages. My 7 year old son was taking Hindi language classes there. I decided to take volunteer teacher position there. Within few weeks I got deeply attached with 5-6 year old kids in my class. I started thinking about ideas for improving my teaching patterns and tricks to teach new language for these kids. I found many folks in organization are really spending good time and effort to bring innovative ideas for improving the teaching quality of the group.

I feel volunteering give an opportunity to people to contribute ideas from their heart and make an improvement. Here people produce best results direct from their heart, they focus on accomplishing goals instead of fighting for higher review ranking and best performance bonus. For me any amount of my personal monetary donation cannot give more satisfaction than making significant contribution yourself. I feel volunteering is a powerful tool not only to contribute back to society, but also helpful to nourish your own hidden talent.