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December’ 2010, just one month ago I joined TMMBA program at University of Washington – Foster School of Business. I had mixed feeling about back-to-school after almost 15 years – I finished my Masters in Engineering from University of Roorkee in 1996. I had a mixed feeling – excited and little nervous too.

This week we completed about 40 hours of classes. It is  amazing to see how much I learned in such a short time. We started with 3 days of jam-packed orientation sessions in early December. Orientation session started with expert Loraine Howell, her techniques for building strong elevator speech and tips for creating effective presentation were very valuable. Then we met with awesome professors Scott J. Reynolds and Gregory A. Bigley. Scott educated us on ethical leadership and corporate social responsibilities. It was great opportunity to participate in lively discussions related to challenging ethical issues, these are real issues managers face in their day-to-day activities. Hands on experience with four corner analysis on a real case was a good experience, it was a good lesson about looking into various aspects before making a decision. Other professor  Bigley’s lectures were  about building and maintaining effective teams, this is one of the important step towards achieving big goal. He showed us several unforgettable examples about team dynamics and group decision making process. Important lesson for me is that effective team is not simply about building a group of star performers, instead it is about putting together a variety of complimentary skills to work towards a common goal. Thanks to Loraine, Scott, and Greg to strengthen our skill in such a short amount of time.

Winter quarter started 2 weeks ago,  focus in first quarter is on foundation building. We are learning  financial accounting, microeconomics and statistical analysis. Each accounting case we are discussing in class is a great help to become an educated manager, who understand the language of accounting and clearly interpret numbers in financial statements .  Thanks to Frank for putting material so nicely. Another my favorite is Microeconomics, I feel it is essential tool to not only understand daily news, but it is also a key to visualize long term impact of any event on business. Thanks to Prof. Ali for putting all this material together, explaining complex stuff in such a simple language, and building a nice interactive environment in the class. Another great value in last one month for me is  adding so many amazing group mates and classmates in my contacts. It is a great group and I am excited about spending so many hours together in next 18 months.

Overall it was an awesome experience and I’m also excited about coming months. I am planning to keep posting my upcoming experiences in this blog.