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Today we are seeing a regime change in Egypt, which is largely credited to modern information system of internet, social Media network, and international broadcast of live pictures. Today is also 164th birthday for Thomas Edison – born on 11th Feb 1847. He is the person who gave us several gifts for building foundation of modern society – from electricity to motion pictures. He has more than 1000 patents, several of them are basic building block of information storage and reproduction –  Phonograph to motion films. His soul should be smiling now by seeing that how much society is changed due to foundation which he had built about a century ago.

I feel we are just seeing initial glimpses about the power of information sharing and collaboration. A lot more innovation and revolution is waiting for a blast in next decade, which will be ignited via modern information age tools. I am excited and feeling proud to be part of building next generation information tools, which will bring enormous changes in society.