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Last year when I was making decision to join TMMBA class 11, I was also worried because we were also expecting a baby, who suppose to join our family in first month of first quarter of the program. But thanks to support and encouragement from my wife in taking decision to join program.

Finally the day arrived after 4 weeks of classes. It was a regular night on January 28th, when I finished my preparation for next morning classes – Saturday, full day classes – of Economics and Statistics. But just after a couple of hours in bed an exciting moment of life was waiting for us. Our baby was ready to join the family. We rushed to hospital and I send a quick one line email to my study group that I would be missing my classes today because we were waiting for our new family member at Overlake childbirth center.

After the birth of Kushal, rest of the evening was filled with joy and excitement for us. After more than 24 hours finally I got time to check my email inbox. It was full of congratulations messages from my team mates and one email also mentioned that Saturday classes were recorded for me.  There was also an email from Sara – Assistant director for program – with  links to lecture recordings. Wow! That was the best experience for me. My requirements were taken care without me even asking for them. Practically I couldn’t get chance to even think about it.

Later in the finally I listened both recorded lectures and able to finish my homework in time without any disruption. Now I am close to finishing first quarter, I am on track like any other classmate. Thanks to support from my classmates and the TMMBA staff for empowering me for catching up and facilitating a smooth ride in this quarter.