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My son is getting seven weeks old on this weekend. Now he can grab my finger, he can follow audio and visual clues. He can express some of his emotions. I feel similar at the end of first quarter. Now I feel that I can follow some of the hidden clues in day-to-day financial news and business decisions. I am empowered with strong foundations of fundamental tools. It is good time to take look back before we will get busy with spring quarter. Overall winter quarter was fun, exciting, overwhelming, and full of learning. I would call it a foundation builder. We learned fundamentals of production planning to mechanics of consumer surplus tapping in Microeconomics. Frank’s classes were always interesting, where we started with vocabulary of accounting and ended with detailed financial statement analysis of variety of firms. We also got a glimpse of techniques, which enabled us to dig deeper for identifying mechanics of business from financial statements. Overall Financial Accounting was very useful in being an informed investor and understanding the language of finance. Personally I feel we are still at the beginning and still have long way to go before applying these techniques in real strategy and decision making process. Statistical analysis classes were occasionally felt little heavy, but personally I feel that those statistical data analysis techniques are useful in several non-business areas too.

I strongly feel my original thinking in previous post –Does MBA degree make difference in engineering career? – holds true. I am excited about financial and competitive strategy in upcoming quarter starting next week.