Coxinha de Galinha

Third Monday of April – it was still drizzling in Seattle. I was walking from parking lot to Kirkland Executive Education center to attend my evening class. That was a busy day at work, a day full of all activities that included lengthy design discussions, complex code reviews, and heated negotiations. Finance case about Microsoft’s $45B offer to buy Yahoo was still floating in my head – it was our topic in last finance review session.

When I walked into the lobby, I could smell yummy Coxinha de Galinha – a delicious snack from Brazil – with hot salsa in today’s dinner. This was the first time I tasted the Brazilian food. I loved the Frango Caipira – Chicken sautéed in olive oil with garlic and ginger – and Festa too. On dinner table someone started discussion stating that this hot salsa stating was that it is very close to Indian Chutney. Then discussion expanded to the discussion from Punjabi culture of Lahore to various foods in Latin America. Then started chatting about influence of diverse cultures in Seattle business environment.  In less than 10 minutes I forgot about my lengthy tiring day and fired up for three-hour leadership development class of Bruce. Whether this credit goes to spicy Brazilian mango salsa or awesome diverse group of my peers in the class, I simply felt that it was a quite refreshing experience before three hours of class.

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