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Wow! Time passes so fast, we already completed one third of our TMMBA journey.  Last week was exciting because of final exams and long awaited short break to relax. Last quarter was quite interesting and had number of critical building blocks to understand mechanism to run a successful sustained business. For me, my best experience was conducting respected leader interview and incorporating it into my own leadership development plan. Finance strategy course was also amazing, after all those wonderful exercises now my brain always look for NPV – Net present value – of any project I do. It was also surprising to see that company like AMR– which has consistent negative equity value in balance sheet since long time – still being traded in equity market. Another course in this quarter was Competitive Strategy Building; this was the course I was waiting since the beginning of the program. It was a good final exam exercise where Warren asked to put people, structure, and culture pieces together to build strategy for CREE. It was interesting for me to figure out complexity of decision making for advanced LED technology based business. Overall final exam was best learning experience of the quarter, it is really fun to see how all learning come together to solve real problems like JetBlue IPO evaluation or building strategy for company like CREE.

I was planning to write this blog post in cool break time. But today morning I realized that break is already over, tomorrow is our first class. The coming third quarter also appears to be more exciting that includes learning of how macroeconomics concepts important to understand global economy, and why marketing is really about understanding and fulfilling consumer desires instead of just building a sells strategy. This coming quarter also has my old favorite linear programing, but this time we will be applying these principles in decision making process via using power of Microsoft Excel.