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Last week was very exciting with another giant step towards new era of communications. Thanks to the Hangout from Google (I am still waiting for my own Google-Plus account) and Skype integration with Facebook. Finally more than 700 million people around the globe will be getting a gift of rich Unified Communications. Soon there will be no reason to place a wrong call or remember long 11 digit number mapped to one of your dearest friend. Soon all rich contexts like sharing a picture or simply showing your smiley face would be a natural part of conversation. I know we still have a long way to go, but I can easily predict that we are less than two years away from the time where large percentage of population will be using their super powerful mobile devices or large living room TV. Many of them may not even have the phone numbers.

If we go back in history it was March 1878, when the District Telephone Company of New Haven went into operation with only twenty-one subscribers. By the time they published their first telephone directory they had only 50 subscribers. Since then telephone and telephone exchanges continued to get evolve. Manual exchanges were replaced by mechanical systems and later cranky mechanical systems were replaced by electronic exchanges. In recent decade landline phones were replaced by mobile phones. But very little change happened in basic communication process and actually original three digit phone numbers expanded to complex 10-13 digit numbers. Of course we made improvement in quality of voice in last 125 years, but still it was just voice. But still we didn’t have the mechanism to share rich context. I guess now communication is finally entering into an interesting era, where very soon we can possibly able to say our final thanks to Mr. Graham Bell and able to put these legacy phones in time capsule.