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Wow! it is mid of September and we are enjoying a full week of sunshine in Seattle. My younger son can now move to any corner of the room and he can clearly express his excitement, joy, and anger. All this happening is perfectly match with my four weeks of break in the TMMBA program. In last 10 days, I was surprised to see the amount of time available in my evenings and weekends. Last 9 months were extremely busy, but were also filled with astonishing experiences. I gained a much clear understanding of happenings in business and economic environments.

There were two interesting works that made last quarter an sparking learning experience. First was in analyzing macroeconomic factors and their forecast to evaluate the chances of US economy falling into another recession. And second was our team project, where we took a deep dive into the changing face of business communications. Our team took a strategic marketing project for defining market positioning and strategic action plan in CEBP – communication Enabled Business Process – space specific to Microsoft Lync.

Last nine months were definitely the part of an amazing journey, but I still feel that the best is yet to come. Today morning when I looked at my calendar, it was clear that very little time left in this sweet break. It is time to pack-up for next half. I have to finish remaining 100 pages of “The Goal”. Few assignments are waiting in queue, which are due before upcoming leadership program that is due at the end of this month.