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After finishing the last final of Fall qaurter. This completed first year journey of the TMMBA program. It was a fantastic journey. I still remember the exciting start with one of the busiest day which ended with a formal dinner lesson. Most exciting part of this quarter was time when we were waking up at the middle of the night and were checking our team’s standing in the Littlefield game.

Here is a quick look at our last four quarter journey. [click on picture to see details]

More about Littlefield and memories of Fall

Littlefield left several memories of this Fall. I still smile when I recall the someone’s comment that he made little mistake because he overslept on final day of Littlefield. Another interesting one was that “Our team did everything right, it was just you guys happened to be lucky.” My 8 year old son also still teasing me that our team should have work harder to win the game.