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First day in Singapore was an immersion experience to one of the fastest growing Asian hub Singapore. All the way from Changi Airport to our place of stay the Traders Hotel first observation for me was the series of multistory apartment buildings surrounded by greenery.  Next is people’ love for shopping. Busy shopping malls have most prestigious international fashion brands like Zara and Louis Vuitton.

In the evening we also enjoyed our welcome dinner at a popular seafood place Jumbo Waterfront. This city is popular for seafood specialties – chili crab is a popular dish. From a wide range of foods my favorite dish was spicy pepper crab.

This is the city of high-rise buildings, double decker buses, higher taxi to personal car ratio, and tasty seafood destinations. From old Supreme Court building to modern architecture at Marina Bay Sands, it is a beautiful showcase of several architectural monuments. City successfully able to manage a balance between multistories concrete buildings surrounded with softer touch of greenery with lines of Rain and Mahogany trees. No wonder people also call Singapore, a garden city.