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Second and third days of Singapore tour were business visits. Common theme from  business visits in Singapore is that the business establishment in Singapore were mainly focus on setting their hub for Asia Pacific market. Singapore itself is a tiny market, but its open business environment and modern infrastructure are the key attractions for businesses.

Performance monitor in Singapore Airlines lobby.

First visit was Johnson & Johnson. They have Asia Pacific headquarter in Singapore. Presentation at J&J was focused on dealing with regulatory environment in the region. Next more exciting visit was Singapore Airlines training center. This is probably the only big international airline, I know that is profitable in current economic environment. Tour to the Cabin Crew training facility was very interesting for our group. It was the first time when we saw the actions of cabin crew exercises to handle  emergency in-flight situations. At the end I also liked the live display in the lobby, showing the daily performance indicators for Singapore airlines.

TMMBA Team at Fusionopolis.

Second day had two interesting visits, first was the visit to beautiful Fusionopolis building, the office of A-star (The Agency for Science, Technology and Research). This is the organization funded by Singapore government to cultivate science and technology research in Singapore. It is the key component of the Singapore government’s strategy to meet its ambitious goal to join the global technology leadership club.

Next stop was the GE-Water Research facilities. Here we had an impressive presentation from the director. He introduced us to water purification technologies being developed in his research facility. Interesting part for the GE trip was the first hand learning experience of the well known GE company culture and getting the answers directly from the veteran GE executive.